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Unleashing Procurement Excellence: Empowering Your Success with Hummons Consulting

Embark on a transformative journey with our unwavering

commitment to corporate coaching, setting your business

on an unstoppable path to unparalleled success.


Unlock transformative benefits and value-added propositions with our comprehensive approach:

  1. Strategic Procurement: Elevate objectives through industry-specific insights.

  2. Skill Enhancement: Attain unparalleled career growth with tailored training.

  3. Customization: Benefit from strategies addressing unique challenges.

  4. Operational Efficiency: Streamline processes for time and cost savings.

  5. Holistic Approach: Coaching covers not just 'how-to' but also 'why,' ensuring understanding.

  6. Commitment to Excellence: Backed by industry experience, reflected in high client satisfaction.

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Welcome to Hummons Consulting.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Procurement Operations—One Strategy, One Training, One Success at a Time.


Welcome to Hummons Consulting, where your vision meets our expertise.


Procurement Transformation 

Supplier Success Group

Advisory Services 

What People Say to Us


"Partnering with Hummons Consulting was a game-changer for our procurement team. Their expert guidance through the Supplier Success Group program has drastically improved our supplier diversity and sustainability, achieving results we only dreamt of before. Brandon and his team are seasoned pros—engaging, highly knowledgeable, and results-focused. Five stars!"

Jasmine T.

Procurement Director


"I’ve been in the procurement field for over 15 years, and I've never experienced such a comprehensive and impactful transformation as I did with Hummons Consulting. Their Procurement Transformation Group program was tailored to address our specific challenges, from compliance to sustainable sourcing. Our entire team now operates at a new level of efficiency and strategic thinking."

Carlos M,

Supply Chain Manager


"Before working with Hummons Consulting, our procurement processes were a maze. Their advisory services provided an effective roadmap to not just navigate that maze but redesign it altogether. The improvements in our risk management and category management are tangible, and the ROI since our partnership is proof enough of their capability. An easy recommendation for any organization looking to take their procurement to the next level."

Samantha L.

Senior Buyer 

Services and Benefits

Achieve Unparalleled Procurement Mastery: Your Strategic Edge Awaits

Transform Your Procurement Landscape with Solutions Engineered for Sustained Success

Welcome to Hummons Consulting—Your Partner in Procurement Excellence

Step into a realm of transformative procurement solutions, meticulously engineered to elevate your organization's effectiveness and success. Backed by a track record of standout workshops—garnering an impressive average rating of 9.6 out of 10—our expert-designed programs assure outcomes that exceed expectations.


What is Procurement Excellence?

Procurement excellence refers to the optimization of all activities related to sourcing, supplier management, and the acquisition of goods and services. It involves a deep understanding of market trends, supplier landscapes, and internal needs, combined with strategic decision-making to create lasting value for your organization.

Why Supplier Diversity Matters

In a rapidly globalizing business environment, supplier diversity offers more than ethical and social credentials; it gives your organization a competitive advantage. A diverse supplier base fuels innovation, mitigates risks, and often opens the door to new market opportunities. It's not just about being socially responsible; it's a strategic imperative.

The Essence of Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation goes beyond optimizing purchasing; it's about aligning the procurement function closely with the organization's strategic goals. This holistic approach enables operational excellence, drives value, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

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