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About Brandon Hummons & Hummons Consulting

Hello and welcome! I'm Brandon Hummons, the founder and guiding spirit behind Hummons Consulting. With over a decade of hands-on experience in the procurement sector, I bring a passion for refining the art and science of procurement to the table. My journey in this field extends well before the inception of Hummons Consulting in 2019 and is enriched by years of practical knowledge, ongoing learning, and leadership roles in reputable organizations.

Our Mission

Here at Hummons Consulting, we're committed to creating centers of excellence within the procurement community. Our mission is straightforward but impactful: to empower procurement teams to enhance their operational efficiency, build stronger supplier relationships, and adopt risk management best practices. We combine age-old wisdom with cutting-edge, data-driven methodologies, enabling you to keep pace with a fast-evolving business environment.


What We Offer

We specialize in coaching your procurement teams to achieve their utmost potential through meticulously designed training sessions and workshops. Our areas of focus include:

- Supplier Diversity
- Supplier Management
- Risk Management for Suppliers
- Supplier Sustainability
- Advanced Data-Driven Negotiations
- Leadership Techniques
- Category Management
- Data Analysis

The Hummons Consulting Advantage

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to industry best practices, as validated by thought leaders in the field. As a multifaceted professional—from business owner to corporate leader—I grasp the value of tailoring solutions to resonate with diverse corporate cultures and objectives.

If you are on the hunt to elevate your procurement strategies and foster a culture of excellence, you've landed at the right spot. Let's embark on this transformative journey, together.


Brandon Hummons  
Founder, Hummons Consulting  
Creating Excellence in Procurement



Ready for Transformation?

Don’t hesitate. Begin your journey toward a more impactful, efficient, and strategically-aligned procurement function. Complete the form or get in touch via email or phone. We look forward to partnering with you in the quest for procurement excellence.

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